Upcoming Changes

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the site. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m in the middle of doing yet another move. This is keeping me busy, and I won’t be finished until later in March. So updates will be few and far between until then, and mostly focused on site updates and tweaks. But for those of you wondering what I have planned for the site in short order…

  • Articles. Actual articles on the industry and gaming… as soon as I catch up a bit on things, myself. I used to be pretty into the news, but nowadays I’m a touch behind.
  • Reviews. Not sure if this will cover books, video games, or just RPGs. I don’t buy as many RPGs as I used to, so don’t expect cutting edge stuff.
  • Settings. I’m working on one for HERO System 5th Edition, and a version of the same for D&D.
  • Grey Lotus will be renamed and revised a fair bit. The system will remain mostly the same, other than a couple tweaks to close loopholes and fix minor problems that have popped up. The major change will be in the world itself, where I’ll be redoing the map and the nation boundaries quite a bit. I’ll be fleshing out things a lot more, and splitting the main book between a player’s guide(which will still include basic cultural and geographical info) and a campaign guide(for the bestiary and in depth information). You have to buy both to play!

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