The original reason for setting up this web space was to host a homebrew game system and setting, at the time called Grey Lotus.  This lasted for several years, but eventually I realized that an entire web presence for one game wasn’t very efficient.  The new goal of the site is mainly to distribute my homebrew system and my settings for other tabletop RPGs, but in time I expect to expand into software and whatever other interesting hobbies that I think might appeal to the same readership.  Although it uses ‘blogging’ software, the focus of the page will be on the static pages.  The blogging portion will be focused on reviews, articles about the static pages, and occasional discussions about the industry as a whole.

Using the Site

While it’s a simplistic layout as I write this, it’s possible that things could become more confusing and complicated.  The basic idea is to have the horizontal links – the navigation bar at the top, below the title – lead to the static pages that host the content like the RPG books and setting materials.  The home page currently lists any dynamic articles like reviews, site news, articles, etc. Since these will eventually scroll off the page, past archives will be accessible only through the sidebar navigator.

This seems to be pretty standard for WordPress sites, but I thought I should clarify that the horizontal tab sets do not lead to the blog posts.