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Retro Gaming: AD&D 1st Edition, Part 2

Last article I covered the stuff in the Player’s Handbook of 1st Edition AD&D.  That was just to get the ball rolling.  This past Friday, less than an hour ago in fact, my group and I just finished up the first session of the adventure.  It’s going to take several sessions, since we’re running online and that slows things down a lot, but I’ll be writing about it for as long as we continue.  The first installment is a nice showcase of just how rough they had it back then.

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Retro Gaming: AD&D 1st Edition, Part 1

And now for something completely different.

In an effort to show some friends how gaming’s come along in the decades since the formative years, I’m doing some retro games. First among these is my first game, AD&D 1st Edition. Not Basic D&D, though I played some of that… AD&D. This is what I cut my teeth on, so there’s a strong nostalgia factor, but now that I’m older I can understand the rules a little more easily. For Part 1 of this series, I’ll be talking about how 1st Edition is different from ‘modern’ D&D(referring to both version 3.X and 4th) and how my own game will be set up. Future installments will cover summaries of the game sessions, both to relate interesting game stories and commentary on how the game system affected play. Read the rest of this entry »

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D&D 4th Edition – What Went Wrong?

I’ve been playing D&D in some form for… let’s just say a long time. Through every major edition, including the minor revisions like Unearthed Arcana and Player’s Option.  Every release, there are some detractors and some controversy stirred up. It seems to grow louder with every edition, too. Some people still swear by 1st or 2nd Edition over 3 or 3.5, but for the most part 3rd Edition was rapidly accepted after some initial grumbling.  It’s this time delay that lets me write about it now, rather than just after release.  The game has had around three quarters of a year to settle into the minds of gamers and the community.  Yet a large portion of the community still gnashes teeth at the idea that 4th Edition is called ‘D&D’ at all.  This is very surprising considering the majority of pre-release reviews were positively glowing with praise for the new game. Obviously there’s some sort of split, even discounting the grouches who will hate the game regardless of how good it is.

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