RE-Review: Anima Beyond Fantasy

Reading through my own archives, the Anima review struck me as very unclear and incomplete. It was an uninformative mess most likely written during a lunch break or the like, and I’m very disappointed in its quality. So, to make up for it, I’m not providing a much more thorough review of Anima: Beyond Fantasy, and it will hopefully be more helpful in deciding if you actually want to buy it. This will mainly cover the core book, but I’ll put little subsections talking about the supplements as well.

Here’s a helpful link if you do: Anima

(The above is an affiliate link, full disclosure)

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Review: The Banner Saga

Tonight I’ll be testing out a new format for reviews, and I’m also going to be trying it out with a relatively recent game, for once. Recent being ‘within the last 3-4 months,’ which is pretty good for me.

I don’t have a lot of time for games these days.

So, today’s choice is a game called The Banner Saga(buy on Steam or, which is a tactical/strategy game inspired by viking sagas. Note that it is not exactly like viking sagas… the world is familiar, yet alien, with names that a US English speaker will stumble over a bit here and there. As a Kickstarter project, you can probably guess that this is something of an Indie game, but it’s a pretty impressive one… if slightly short. It was pretty enjoyable for me, though!

Read below the cut for an in-depth review!

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Retro Review: Renegade Legion – Legionnaire

Back in the late 80s and early 90s, the game company FASA was pretty famous for Battletech, a game about giant robots in war.  They also decided to take some of the lessons learned from Battletech and create a far future military game with a completely integrated system, top-down, from personal RPG to tanks to starfighters to system-level invasion.

That game was Renegade Legion.

Renegade Legion covered a universe where the Terran Overlord Government – TOG – controls a huge portion of space. TOG are opposed by the Commonwealth and the Renegade Legions, splinters from TOG’s military. TOG has this whole Romans in space thing going, even though it’s very far in the future. So far, in fact, that gravity control is common.

The game line had several boxed sets and games which could be played independently or linked easily. Off the top of my head, these went from Legionnaire – covering individual people – to Interceptor(starfighters), Centurion(grav tanks), Leviathan(capital ships) and all the way to Prefect, which organized an entire system invasion. It was pretty interesting how they did that.

I’m not going to cover all those games. Heck I don’t even own all of them. I do own a few, though, and one of those is Legionnaire. So let’s take a look, shall we?

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Review: Geek Chic Emissary

Something a bit different this time!

About a year ago, when I got my tax return, I put down a deposit for a new table with the pleasant people at Geek Chic. I knew going in that it would be both expensive and a long wait… but I have the table now!  I have to say I’m extremely satisfied so far, and this is one of those rare occasions where my buyer’s remorse didn’t last when I actually had the product delivered.

That’s a general summary of my feelings on this, but read after the cut for more.

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Legacies Draft Update

Still a long way to go, but I’ve updated the Legacies draft. A lot of my work on this was theoretical and discussing with others, so there’s not a huge amount of change to the document.

What has changed:

  • A brief but incomplete character creation section.
  • A few advantages and flaws have been posted.
  • The start of the Ability list.
  • Some of the Combat stuff, particularly the DAMAGE SYSTEM.

Please remember that all of this is under heavy consideration and subject to change/open to comment.

Legacies Core Rules (173.84 kB)


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Legacies Post Delayed

I updated my OS and that broke my layout software. It’s an easy fix, but it does require a reinstall that I don’t want to do right now, since it would keep me up fairly late. This will have to wait until I have a few minutes to reinstall TeX.

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Registration Update

Banned hotmail from registering due to constant spam attempts.

Legacies update this evening.

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Project Status Updates

Since I have several projects I’m working on at once, I’ll give all of these a quick shotgunning.

Might and Magic Playthrough

I still intend to finish this, but I’ve realized it’s a bigger project than I’d like. I’m going to have to set aside several days to just charge through it all at once instead of piecemeal, hopefully soon. Then I’ll collate the screenshots and release the updates in segments. Future M&M playthroughs will follow this format.


The next Legacies draft is coming Real Soon Now. I have a lot of stuff that I’ve designed of late, so much that I’m having trouble writing it all down quickly. As soon as I reach a point where I feel the draft tells a bit more about the system, I’ll release what I have. Keep in mind a lot of details are still being tweaked and adjusted, and if you have comments feel free to tell me them. I’ve noticed the OPL document is no longer included, so I also need to tuck that in before I post another draft. I might swap licenses, I don’t know yet.


The basic design for MektonHelper 2 is mostly finished. Unlike the first MektonHelper, MektonHelper 2 will use the XML-backed GUI design for easier adjustment. Probably.  I’ll also offer every released version online in an archive, and tag the source tree properly. I might open source it. I dunno yet.

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Quick Status Update

I don’t like leaving this site unattended for long, since it looks like I’m not doing anything.

The current part that I’m at in Might and Magic is actually very difficult despite my grinding last time, so I’ve decided to hold off on an update until I have something more substantial than ‘died several times before finally finding a key.’

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Might & Magic Playthrough News

Yes, I know I just posted something here, but I thought I’d give a little status update.

I finally got off my butt and hammered at DOSBox for Mac a bit, and I’ve managed to transfer the GOG version of Might & Magic 1 over to my Mac. It also appears to run correctly. If this is the case for the first five(as I suspect it is), this means that updates should come a little faster since it is much easier for me to lounge around on my laptop and play the game, as opposed to huddling in the basement on the PC.

Then again, I’ve said ‘things will come faster’ before and they haven’t, so we’ll see.

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